TNT is committed to creating a positive experience for all, in a safe, all inclusive environment.




What makes TNT Muscle different? It’s not just the amount of experience and professionalism TNT Muscle has collectively. Let’s talk about the naturally occurring theme song from ACDC! THAT is the energy you will experience first hand at the event! No question TNT Muscle will bring it full on from Corey Ossum @poollifesociety as our exclusive, dynamic high energy emcee, attention to all the details, and integrating a family friendly environment with an edge that will leave those attending feeling exhilarated.

“TNT is paying attention to every detail from medal and award design to a heavy hand in operations, creating efficient process and solutions for things to run methodically. No stone is being left unturned to achieve this. TNT has hand selected those to support the outcome TNT intends to achieve, it’s taking a village to pull this off again this year and we are making our team as extraordinary as the last. If you attended TNT’s last event, you know TNT means business on this aspect.”

Setting up the competitors for success dominates how TNT executes the event and TNT Muscle will always put on a comprehensive posing seminar prior to the event. TNT Muscle wants to contribute to the competitors’ preparation process, not just the event day. Watch for details on social media @tntmuscle.

TNT Muscle will always ensure no one is walking out empty handed. Exhibitor/sponsor samples, event t-shirts, swag bags, special awards, custom medals for top 5, custom overall trophies, overalls may be eligibleto receive up to $205 registration for a pro-qualifier of their choice. Overall ladies will be “crowned” with an edgy TNT  stylized crown. Sponsored classes will receive additional prizing from the sponsor. Candid photo props are part of the day with a (fake) old school Thomas Inch 300 pound dumbbell that your 2 year old could lift,  a large stick(s) of dynamite with dynamic backdrops,  oversized match, cartoon style crowns,  with a designated candid photographer capturing moments for the event photo album for all to share. 

P.S. Yes there will be baked goods or a candy bar backstage again, exclusive to the competitors!



The Ares Iron Lore Award & The Aphrodite Iron Lore Award have an amazing prize package compiled by The Iron Lore Gym, Aaron & Eleni Gausvik with a “Best in Show” concept behind it.

Ares Iron Lore Award:
Ares the Olympian god of war and courage aligns as a symbol of excellence and dedication in the field of bodybuilding. This award recognizes the male competitor who has shown the most impressive physique, unparalleled strength and conditioning with an unwavering commitment to the sport. The winner of this award represents the pinnacle of what it means to be a true competitor, embodying the discipline, focus, and perseverance required to achieve such a feat.

Aphrodite Iron Lore Award:
Aphrodite being the Olympian Greek goddess of love and beauty is a tribute to the exceptional female competitor who has demonstrated unparalleled strength, beauty, and grace on the stage. This award celebrates the tireless efforts of the female competitor who has devoted countless hours to sculpting her body to perfection, while also embodying a powerful sense of femininity and elegance.

Each overall winner from the male divisions will stand strong at the end of the Men’s Event and each overall from the ladies divisions will all grace the stage at the end of the Women’s Event. One Man and one Woman will be selected by Iron Lore Gym to receive this honor, one alone can receive the Ares Iron Lore Award and the Aphrodite Iron Lore Award. Who will align with the Olympian gods at the TNT Muscle Showdown?

*this award is not judged by the Official Judging Panel. Iron Lore Gym will select the recipient out of the overall winners . It provides no qualification and offers bragging rights only.


The prize package for overall winners at the TNT Muscle Showdown, has always and continues to include a bursary to reimburse registration to a CPA Pro Qualifier (open stream) of choice in the open division qualified for, now up to a value of $205 Cdn. Jointly sponsored by TNT Muscle Productions Inc. and Muscle Metamorphosis Inc., the official tanner for TNT.  Competitor eligibility therefore relies on using the services of the official tanner at the TNT Muscle Showdown.

TNT is expanding on that program by inviting those that have placed top 3 to apply for a bursary! The top 3 qualification must be a current qualification.

A limited number of additional bursaries will be offered through an application process.


  • Your qualification must be achieved from the  TNT Muscle Showdown
  • TNT will reimburse up to a value of $205 Cdn towards your class registration within the division and class you placed top 3 in at the TNT Muscle Showdown
  • Registration must be paid for in advance and TNT will reimburse you via e-Transfer
  • TNT Overall Winners are NOT eligible to apply [a bursary is already part of their prize package]
  • Competitor should have used Muscle Metamorphosis for their TNT Competition Tan to support eligibility

Since 2019 this program has awarded over $8,000  back to the athlete directly through overall winning bursaries and the application process which started in 2022.

A percentage of these Bursaries are financially sponsored by generous sponsors listed below, with the Overalls’ Bursary which is sponsored jointly by TNT Muscle Productions Inc. & Muscle Metamorphosis Inc., the TNT official tanner.

NEW: Commencing in 2024, volunteering for the CPA community will become a strongly considered requirement in the Bursary Application.

TNT will continue to attempt to facilitate and grow this Bursary program.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact


To apply, email the following to :

  1. Name (First & Last)
  2. DOB
  3. IG Handle
  4. TNT Event Date, Division, Class and Placing that has you currently qualified
  5. Full competition history
  6. Receipt of payment to CPA Pro Qualifier
  7. List your contributions / volunteerism, or ways you give back to the CPA community & events.  This does not need to be directly related to TNT.  Commencing in 2024 will become a mandatory requirement.
  8. A short paragraph on why you should be selected for this bursary
  9. List all Sponsorships and/or Ambassadorships

TNT is looking for performance, event support, CPA community contribution/volunteerism and perhaps circumstance to support the competitor’s continued pursuit with the CPA. Part of this Bursary concept is to support those that fully support the TNT Muscle Showdown and the CPA Community.  This Bursary is intended to create the incentive to involve yourself, support the event and use official services. 

2024 Submissions must be received by the following dates:

TORONTO SUPERSHOW June 8, 2024 (Qualified at TNT 2023)
DEADLINE:  May 18, 2024

VANCOUVER PRO/AM July 13, 2024 (Qualified at TNT 2024)
DEADLINE:  July 7, 2024
(this is a tight deadline after the TNT Muscle Showdown on June 30, 2024)

CANADIAN NATIONALS October 5, 2024 (Qualified at TNT 2024)
DEADLINE:  September 21, 2024

Recipients will be announced no later than 1 day after the deadline.
Recipients will NOT be announced prior to the deadline.





No Applications Received


Thanrajan Premakumaran sponsored by the Palfi Family in honor of Ryeley Palfi
Mike Hiemstra sponsored by Voltegic Energy Services
Husam (Sam) Al-Saih sponsored by Muscle Metamorphosis

Lindsay Bilyk sponsored by Straightline Chrysler
Kevin Wu sponsored by Voltegic Energy Services

Ted Finkleman sponsored by Straightline Chrysler
Jamie Granville sponsored by Voltegic Energy Services
Robyn Faulkenham sponsored personally by IFBB Pro Marti Boyle

Hermel Deluna sponsored by Fides Financial
Jennifer Reece sponsored by Midnight Sun Financial

Nicole Berube sponsored personally by IFBB Pro Marti Boyle
Ryeley Brooks sponsored by Midnight Sun Financial

No Applications Received


TNT Muscle Productions Inc. (“TNT Muscle“) is a production company originally established by IFBB Pro Tamen Ewasiuk and Tara Laviolette for bodybuilding/fitness events sanctioned by the Canadian Physique Alliance “(CPA)”. The CPA is sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League, and is the only Canadian route to achieve the elusive IFBB Pro Card.

TNT Muscle‘s vision is to create a positive “experience” for not only the competitor but the spectator, exhibitor and sponsor. From the time you register online, interact on social media, interact with the event’s exhibitors, volunteers and staff, to being backstage, then on stage, to sitting in front of the stage, TNT Muscle intends to make each moment a positive interaction and experience. Tara is 100% hands on in every respect.

Tara started out powerlifting in 1997, doing her first bodybuilding competition in 2001, has volunteered, been a statistician, judged, sat on executive and currently holds the exclusive position with the CPA as the Alberta Director, judging events consistently. Her personal career is in operations as she creates and implements process and procedure, with a side of corporate paralegal.  She is an absolute nerd for efficient process. which you will experience first hand at TNT.  Tara has been there and gets it on every level!

Tamen achieved her figure IFBB Pro Card in 2013. While Tamen was a founder of TNT heavily involved in 2019, she has adjusted her priorities and focus.  She will always be the other T in TNT and continues to fully support Tara and TNT, as we also continue to fully support her.


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